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Call our specialists for durable safety glass for your windshield

Safety glass is a special type of laminated glass used in the automotive industry for windshields. By adding a thin layer of plastic film in between two layers of glass, broken windshields can stay together when cracks or significant damage occurs. Lapeer Glass Company is certified to manufacture and install safety glass for automobiles in Lapeer, Michigan. We can replace broken windshields with specialty auto glass made specifically for your vehicle.

Don't risk your safety with subpar safety glass

Don't risk your safety with subpar safety glass

If there's a crack in your windshield, you need to address it right away. One bump on the road can cause that crack to spread across your windshield from end to end. Don't put yourself in danger because of a cracked, leaking or broken windshield.

Lapeer Glass Company offers tempered, laminated and Plexiglass® solutions for auto glass and specific commercial and residential needs. Your insurance provider will cover most of the damage to your windows. We can take care of your insurance claim. Contact Lapeer Glass Company today to discuss your options.